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Saturday, November 6, 2010

One more time ;)

Once again, a week has gone by, and it was busy partly because it was the last week of Battle of the CTs!
Once more Vicki's Working Girls need your votes...
This time we had to use 10 kits (2 in common accross the team), make a list of 10 and scrap with no photo and no frame! My layout is a bright, funky, material list of the THINGS I like. Take a look:

And if you want an idea of what all our layouts look like as a team, here they are:

Now please, please, go vote for A WORK IN PROGRESS, right HERE (we're almost at the bottom)!
Thanks, and enjoy Digital Scrapbook Day!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Help please

Well, it's Saturday morning and me and Vicki's Working Girls need your votes again...
This challenge was a monochromatic layout (we all needed to pick the same colour). We picked brown and I have to say I love all the layouts my teammates made... and I'm pretty happy with mine too ;)
Take a look at it:

As usual these are all Vicki's gorgeous creations (credits in my Picasa gallery, in the sidebar). The sleeping angel is Kapri, my teammate Kim H's daughter (we had to swap photos).
You can see all of my team's layouts here.
And if you like my layout and theirs and feel like helping, please vote HERE for A Work In Progress (we're around the middle again).

Thanks in advance XX

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Baby, Sprinkling Mist and Feel the Sunshine

Those are the names of the kits I'll show you today!

The first is by Stacey's Scraps, it's called My Baby and it has gorgeous colours and sweet elements. As usual it's a full kit and some gorgeous clusters, take a look:

And my layout (with a template by Tasha):

The next kit is by Artgal Style and is called Sprinkling Mist. It celebrates rain and rainy days with beautiful colours and elements. Take a look at the kit and the add-on:

And my layout (template by Nibbles Skribbles):

This last one wasn't CT related, it was a challenge for fun, but I'm really happy to show it because I actually won the kit in a RAK, and Nathan is an AMAZING young designer. Take a look at Feel the Sunshine and my layout:

That's it from me tonight! I should be back Saturday to show you my Battle of the CTs layout and ask you to vote again. We made the top 3 last turn, so thank you if you voted, and please do it again this week-end!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tit for Tat (*freebie post*)

Well obviously the freebie is the "tit". I've just started my 2011 calendar, and I decided to make myself a template and keep a similar format for all pages. As I was completing my January page, I thought you might want the template too!
It can be used as a calendar page of course, but I think it would work well as a layout too if you remove the calendar grid... Here's what it looks like (and my layout to give you inspiration):

I used Funky Retro (retired kit) by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki and a couple elements from Jack Frost by AWP Vicki as well. The calendar grid is all from Date Me Stitching by VW Designs (that actually was bought with a RAK gift certificate from a very nice scrappy friend of mine who knows who she is, thanks again girl ;) ).

Now of course there's a link for the template, but before I give it to you, I want to tell you about the "tat". As you may know, I am participating on Battle of the Creative Teams at Digiscrapaddicts on Vicki's team: Vicki's Working Girls. Round 2 has just closed and it's time to vote. I truly believe that her gorgeous designs paired with my teammates' talent makes us very worthy competitors, but that means nothing if we don't any votes... and that's where you come in!
If you like the template, grab it, and if you feel like doing a little something to say thank you, click HERE to get to the voting page and vote for A Work In Progress (it only takes a few seconds, we're in the middle of the list)! Let me show you my layout so you can see some of what you're voting for (you can see all of my team's layouts here):

Now here's you link to 4shared: template 5
Thanks for reading and hopefully voting, and enjoy the template!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time flies...

...and no matter how much I think I should do a blog post, there's always something else that takes priority. But I'm back this afternoon to show you some really amazing new kits, my entry for Battle of the CTs and some challenge layouts from the past couple of weeks.

First off, new releases! Stacey's Scraps has a GORGEOUS kit out, I think it's a favourite of mine (not just from hers, overall, it's stunning!). Take a look at Doodled, the matching clusters and my layout:

Next, I want to show you A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki's new kit, for 3 reasons. First, it's gorgeous and the colour scheme is so different and warm and great for men (and much more). Second, it's named by her hubby (it's an inside joke between them), and I relate to the joke, and my hubby is called Dave! And third, I used it for challenge 7 on the STI forum (come join us, I'm challenging you to cluster ;) ). Take a look at Dave:

Next, let me show you my Battle of the CTs layout. But before I do, I want to let you know that my team "Vicki's Working Girls" got disqualified from this round on a small detail, so there's no voting for us this round (just don't vote for anyone else, lol). Here's my layout, and as the credits are quite long, you can see them in the DSA gallery if you're interested:

Finally, here are a few challenge layouts I made and haven't shown yet.
My latest desktop background, done with Patch Queen by Designs by Jen Yurko and title from Date Me Stitching by VW Designs:

Done with Live Laugh Love and the Bling Bling alpha, both by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki (for a speed scrap):

Done with Love Is In The Air by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki and the font SF Twelve Again for a font challenge (I scraplifted 3 Bears by Shawnbear):

Done with New Day by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki (quote challenge):

Done with Modern June's gorgeous Soul Sister at Scrapable:

Done with Wise Old Owl by Redju designs and an alpha by A Work In Progress designs by Vicki (for a recipe challenge):

I hope a couple of you made it all the way down here... if yes, thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lots of layouts!

As usual, I neglected my blog and therefore have way too much to show...

Today, I'll stick to Scrap That Idea news and I'll post my challenge layouts in another post.

Last week, Stacey released a really fun Halloween kit called Halloween Town, and I knew I waited for a reason, this week she released an add-on pack with gorgeous clusters! So my slacking allows me to show you everything at once (kit, clusters and my layout):

And this week, she had a kit called Autumn, which is great for any fall themed photo, especially corn fields and pumpkin patches and Thanksgiving (which is perfect as it's this week-end here in Canada). It's a huge bundle with 4 alphas total (amazing, right?) and some fantastic clusters and wordarts. Take a look at the kit and my layout:

Believe it or not, you get the whole thing for only $5!?!?!
And it's like that accross the board at Scrap That Idea, as Vicki and Mel team up to bring you M&Verick Designs. They too have a HUGE bundle (kit, wordart, alphas and quickpages) called Wanderlust for only $5!
Look at the previews of this rich travel themed kit:

And they each have a freebie on their blog: Vicki's and Mel's.

And then of course, it's been October for a little while, and the STI collab is up, as is a bonus collab that you get for free all month if you spend $5 or more!
The collab is called Mystic Falls and I love the rich colours:

And my layout:

And the bonus collab is called October Kisses and is a super fresh take on a fall kit:

I'm pretty proud of this last one, not because the layout is amazing, but because I made the hat myself!!
And finally let me tell you what Laramie has in store. I haven't found time to make layouts for her past two kits, but they're really nice and I can show you the previews at the very least...
Last week she released Moody Retro (and cool clusters to match):

And this week, she has How Long, an adorable, soft kit full of bears and delicate elements:

Well, that's it, hope you made it, lol!
I'll be back more often hopefully, with challenge layouts.
And tomorrow sees the beginning of Battle of the CTs, so I'll show you my layouts and ask you to vote for us regularly!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

It's been crazy...

It's been totally crazy around here! And from reading other people's blogs, I think it's a general thing. We're all settling into the new school year's routine I suppose.

To be honest I've also been scrapping and trying to stay active in the forum and the blog is the one place that gets neglected...
So I have A LOT to show you. Some CT layouts, some challenges, news about challenges you should join, and even my participation in a team for DSA's Battle of the CTs... So take a cup of your favourite warm beverage (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, ...) and maybe even a snack and sit comfortably!!

I'll start with the new kits from Stacey Scraps!
First she had Fang or Fur, which is Twilight inspired and really cool for those layouts, as well as True Blood or even, like mine, for Halloween:

Then she released Shabby Chic. Totally different from the previous kit, but beautiful soft colours. I scrapped some pics my Mom wanted me to scrap for her (her aunt and uncle's summer house in the West of France):

Scrap That Idea also has a brand new designer: Artgal Style. She's let us play with her designs and her style is so cool and fun, I've been having a blast with them.
First, she did Pizza Night. Great colours and super cute elements:

Then there was Comic Book, the title speaks for itself! Take a look:

Then today she released Got Milk, which has the cutest cows ever.

I've also been playing over at Scrapable, as usual. The challenges are so much fun and it's a great bunch of girls. So take a look at all the layouts I've done for Scrapable challenges:

Done with All Frogged Out by Modern June, lift of a page by 1luckymama (scraplift challenge):

Done with Artificial Spring by Nanine (mystery/recipe challenge):Done with Eat Your Veggies by Stacey's Scraps (speedscrap):

Done with Zodiac by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki, template by HeideC (template challenge):
Done with Makulay by Nathan Design, lift of a page by Dislea (scraplift challenge):
Done with Tooth Cute by Modern June and a template by Aprilisa (featured designer challenge):
Done with Summer Cocktail by A Work In Porgress Designs by Vicki (colour challenge):

You may know that Vicki (A Work In Progress, at Scrap That Idea) has been having regular challenges. Her 5th and latest is currently running and she's asked me to host it, yay! So we're having fun in the STI forum, scrapping photos of food or drinks, or favourite recipes. Come see the thread, I would love for some of you to come join the challenges, and you might decide to play some more. You collect points by participating and leaving comments which all add up to GCs and there's always a lucky winner who gets to choose a kit. It's really fun and definitely worth it!! For inspiration, here's the layout I made for it (and I linked it to the gallery, so you'll see the other layouts if you click on it):

Hope to see some of you there!

And finally, a little announcement to say that I'll be participating in DSA's Battle of the CTs in Vicki's team. We're calling ourselves Vicki's Working Girls (lol, I love our name!). I'm really excited about it and hope some of you will take a look and vote for us (I'll remind you in due time of course ;) ).
In the meantime, take a look at our signature:

Well, I believe that's it for today. I probably lost most of you before the end, but if you made it here, thanks for reading and looking and happy scrapping to you!!